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Portia Mthembu – Standard Bank

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Portia Mthembu has been in the employ of Standard Bank for the past 17 years. During this time Portia has fulfilled various roles within the bank and her career aspirations are to add more value to the organisation in the future.

“I have the leadership skills and knowledge to succeed within the bank. In addition, the bank is committed to invest in my ongoing development at a personal and business level,” explains Portia.

Portia has successfully led big Standard Bank branches in KwaZulu-Natal and has ensured their financial growth and sustainability. As such in 2019, she was recognised with a ‘Mark of Excellence’ trip to Brazil. “I aspire to add value and excel in any environment with which I have been entrusted. I have been blessed to be part of the Standard Bank family; my blood is blue, and I am proud of it.”

Further to her career, Portia is the proud mother of three beautiful children and has a loving and supportive husband.

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