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Recognising inspiring women in KZN

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The Standard Bank KZN Top Business Women 2021 featured on the following pages participated in the streamed webinars on the 7 October and the 28 October. The women have had very different experiences that are based on their individual circumstances, which have guided their career or business choices. All the women have incredible insights to offer, which showcases the individual and universal strengths they have been able to draw upon as a woman.

These women identify themselves as mothers, daughters, sisters as well as businesspeople, entrepreneurs, sportspersons, and community activists, which well indicates their ability to multitask. Their paths have led to banking, medicine, health and wellness, the arts, sport, law, community upliftment and funeral services amongst others.

Many of the women reflect that being in a man’s world is tough and is a space that constantly has challenges. However, much research into gender differences highlights that woman score higher in emotional intelligence than men. This strength means women are more likely to be adaptable, show inspirational leadership, have good communication skills, show empathy, be creative, take risks, persevere and, at the same time, be humble.

All these strengths, as well as many others, are well illustrated in their stories. We salute you all!


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