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Standard Bank KZN Top Business Awards Nominees Nominee: Durban ICC

Category: Top Brand

Now in its 25 years of successful operation, the Durban ICC is clearly delivering on the lofty hopes and dreams that so many held for it from its inception. Since opening in 1997, the Durban ICC has led the way for South Africa’s conventions industry and pioneered the country’s ability to attract international events to its shores. Over the years, the Centre has successfully hosted some of the world’s largest and most prestigious events and has been the platform for the discussion of many global issues.

Notable examples include the United Nations Climate Change Conference namely, the Conference of the Parties (COP 17-CMP7), 5th BRICS Summit, XXI International AIDS Conference and the World Economic Forum on Africa. It has built a reputation as a world-class convention facility and has secured a number of impressive international conferences for Durban in the years ahead. These events include the 14th World Forestry Congress and the world’s largest aviation conference, the World Routes Development Forum in 2015. The Centre was also the host venue for the 21st International AIDS Conference which brought together 22000 participants from around the world.

In its role as an economic catalyst, the Durban ICC has made an immense contribution to both the provincial and national economies since its foundation.



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