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The new wave - WhyBuyCars

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Lockdown has been particularly difficult for South Africans with many having to undergo a change in lifestyle and approach to everyday activities.

The change has revealed a few stark realisations related to how people interact with one another, how they work, how they travel, and how they budget – shattering previous concepts of what was thought to be necessary and how well alternatives can work when given a chance.

One of the biggest burdens on South Africans during this period of change has been long-term expenses that people are tied to for years on end. The pandemic has shown how volatile life can be and that what you need today may not be needed tomorrow. During the hard lockdown, for example, people had to upgrade their internet, but downgrade their gardening or cleaning services. Vehicles that were needed on a daily basis (and had to still be paid for via finance) were left dusty and largely unused – whilst still attracting monthly premiums and maintenance costs.

Why should you be paying for something you’re not using or be locked into an expense that may change from year-to-year or even month-to-month?

WhyBuyCars was launched at the height of the hard lockdown to provide relief to people who wanted to cash in their vehicles and lease a vehicle that suited them on a three-month basis. With a model that includes insurance, maintenance, tracking, and taxes, the company challenges the previous notion that you have to own a car to drive a car – and strips all the complications and additional costs associated with ownership.

WhyBuyCars presents a simple concept that lets you ascertain what you need on a short-term basis and then make an informed choice that you don’t even need to be attached to a few months later. WhyBuyCars has simply based its offering on how consumers are re-thinking how they approach finances. This new wave of thinking has challenged South Africans to reconsider how they spend their money and how they allocate their hard-earned budgets, and the reality is that owning a car and being locked into long-term finance doesn’t allow you the flexibility you may want in your life.

Find out how WhyBuyCars can give you the flexibility you need and discover the better way to drive a car.


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