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Arch enters Saudi Arabia

Arch Retail Systems has embarked on a global expansion strategy, beyond its traditional southern African footprint. This has seen the opening of an Australian office in 2021/2022 and, more recently, entering Saudi Arabia as a retail management solutions provider.

Saudi Arabia is a thriving economy, for the first time reaching the $1 trillion mark in 2022. Saudi Arabia is traditionally highly reliant on oil as the backbone of its economy. In this context of economic success and diversification away from oil, the development of the retail sector is a key objective of their National Transformation Program. Through modernisation, digitalisation and localisation, retail is to become one of the main employers of Saudis.

Arch is proud to announce the signing of a deal with the Al Raya Group, whereby Arch Retail Management Solutions will be implemented. Al Raya has its Head Office in Jeddah, managing 51 stores countrywide, a DC and three bakery production centres. Al Raya Supermarkets was founded in 1991 in Jeddah as a pioneer in the supermarket business, with a peculiarity that each store daily bakes its own bread and pastry. Over the past three decades, Al Raya Supermarkets has grown to become a robust network of supermarkets across the Western part of the Arabian Peninsula, establishing itself as a household brand from the border with Jordan to the border with Yemen.

The full suite of Arch retail management solutions will be deployed in Al Raya:

  • Arch Enterprise, an ERP solution centrally controlling the operation;

  • Arch Retail, in-store solution driving operational efficiency and ultimately profitability;

  • Arch Mobile, management capability for quick on-the-floor management intervention;

  • Financial Integration, seamless flow of operational flow from Arch Retail to SAGE Evolution;

  • Integrated EFT to local banks;

  • Integrated telco/virtual services to local mobile companies; and

  • WMS integration into the DC.

Says Frederic Levy Perrault, CEO of Al Raya, in an interview with CEO Insights Asia: “My journey in Al Raya Supermarkets has been to decisively transform the company from systems, logistics, organisation, our sales approach up to our store concept, to ensure Al Raya is back at the forefront of grocery retail. Some players are exiting the market, many are struggling to face the new normal and some, like Al Raya Supermarkets, are embarking on ambitious turnaround strategies to become leaner and more agile, meeting new consumer trends better.”

Arch is privileged to partner with Al Raya and play a role in achieving these set-out objectives.


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