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With the devastating impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on small and medium sized enterprises as well as the general state of the economy, we saw a critical need to implement a vehicle where small and medium enterprises business could come together to network, share, learn and sell-not only to the public but also build a solid business network together.

With this in mind, the concept of hosting a small business expo on the 28th April 2022 at The Onomo Hotel, Durban was born. The Business expo will provide an invaluable platform for such businesses to market their services and products and get the opportunity to interact with prominent business leaders and representatives from a number of corporate companies. Targeted buyers of big supply chains will be invited to attend and be encouraged to network with the business. It is the ideal platform to stimulate business growth and motivate both current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

This in turn will help to create entrepreneurship opportunities, empower youth to start their own business and grow a network of committed people who wish to develop and upskill each other.

There will be no cost to the public to visit in order to encourage support and garner adequate exposure for the exhibitors present.


The event, is set to take place on the 28th April 2022 and is designed for the purpose of:

- Rebuilding and reconnecting small and medium enterprises

- Creating a platform for businesses to showcase their products and their benefits thereof

- Upskilling and empowering youth entrepreneurs by giving them access to established mentors

- Financial growth for the businesses by promoting and establishing viable business connections

- Creating a solid business network in Durban for Small and medium sized enterprises to leverage off each other’s business and products

Details of the Event


The first part of the expo will be a networking breakfast from 07h30 to 09h00. This will give the exhibitors an opportunity to network and interact with each other. The expo will start at 10h00 and finish at 16h00.

N.B: The strictest Covid 19 protocols will be adhered to as well the Events Management Act. that governs all indoor and outdoor events.


· Parking 07h00 until 16h00

· Exhibitor Breakfast for two representatives 08h00-09h30

· trestle table and two chairs

· Exhibit from 09h30 until 16h00

· Featured advertising of your business leading up to the expo on our social media pages and website

· Access to public database of those attending the expo

· Access to exhibitor database

Become part of the 2022 expo and bring your business to life!

For any queries or for additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Shereen Fynn on 0790736164 or send an email to


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