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Build your business into your greatest wealth generating asset

Whether your goal is to scale and grow your business to dominate slices of your industry, or to grow it towards an exit, you need to set your strategy now, and start building towards it.

For 15 years, Aurik has partnered with over 3 000 businesses to deliver average annual growth rates of 28.9% and average EBIDTA growth of 32.4%

Join us on 2nd November to understand how we have gotten this right, and to gain a fresh perspective on your own business.

For the first 50 minutes, Aurik co-founder and CEO Pavlo Phitidis will present a pacy presentation on how to build your business into an Asset of Value.

If you can invest an extra 30 minutes, stay online for a Q&A session, where Pavlo will take your questions and open up the discussion to facilitate resolutions to specific growth challenges.

Thursday 2nd November 2023 12h00 to 13h00 Online: Zoom

Leave with insights and action on:

  • How to set a simple, smart, scalable growth plan for your business and team

  • How to resolve the nine impediments to business growth and exit

  • How to build the 5 levers of valuation and exit

  • Secure organic growth through your team to allow you to focus on next-level growth

  • Develop an exit strategy in the 5-10-15 years ahead, today

  • How to build a motivated team you can successfully delegate to


As an entrepreneur and investor, Pavlo offers over 25 years of direct experience in conceptualising and building businesses across three continents. He has developed and brought to market business assets in excess of $450m through a combination of business start-ups, turnarounds, sales and acquisitions. Using his hands-on experience, business capabilities and relationship networks, he continues to support the growth of business owners through Aurik , a venture capital business growth service. Pavlo is a regular media commentator, an international speaker on business growth and author of the best-selling, Sweat Scale $ell as well as his newest title: Reset Rebuild Reignite.



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