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In an industry-first, Woodford Bid – an established auction platform for selling cars

Woodford Bid Press Release

A platform that lets the public auction their car to more than 1000 trusted dealers

In an industry-first, Woodford Bid – an established auction platform for selling cars to a large database of trusted dealers – is now offering the public the chance to list their personal vehicles on the website.

Woodford Bid has been selling vehicles via an innovative, online auction platform since 2018, with a great degree of success in matching stock with interested dealers. Primarily, the vehicles on offer have been from de-fleets by large corporates or rental companies, ensuring a certain standard in quality and variety of stock that dealers have come to expect from Woodford Bid.

In addition, the auctions are run via a fast, slick interface with the latest in technology that allows for a range of functionality and features that makes buying stock a breeze.

An Immediate Success

Since beginning, Woodford Bid has sold more than 5000 vehicles to a database of more than 1200 registered dealers, with a sales success rate of more than 60% on average.

Buyers have been left with the confidence that they are getting the best stock at good prices, with support and service provided by a seasoned and efficient Woodford Bid team.

With an overwhelmingly positive response from dealers who then started asking if they could list their vehicles for sale, Woodford Bid decided to take the next step in the evolution of the platform into a fully-fledged marketplace.

Driven by a focus on technology, further functionality and features were developed to launch a system that opened the platform to any person – including public seller – wanting to load and auction their vehicle.

A Game-Changer

Woodford Bid allows for sellers to load a vehicle in a few minutes – by inserting the VIN number, the systems will automatically populate all details and the user just needs to add photos, do a damage recon, and set their reserve price. It’s as easy as that.

At the next Woodford Bid auction, dealers will bid on the vehicle and – if the reserve price is met – the sale will go through seamlessly and safely.

The seller will also receive real-time notifications and updates, as the auction is happening and when the vehicle is sold.

There are no hidden fees or commission charged, other than a listing fee of R50 and an admin charge only once the vehicle is sold.

Apart from the easy and simple system, the real appeal is the trusted group of buyers that the individual is selling to. All buyers are vetted dealers, who are guaranteed not to waste the time of the seller or have any payment issues.

The approach is a potential game-changer for people around the country wanted to sell their car without the hassle and admin associated with listing the vehicle in a public space.

Since launching the feature, Woodford Bid has already seen a great uptake with vehicles listed from outside of Woodford. In the last two weeks, more than 50% of these vehicles have been sold, at more than 10% above retail value, on average.

Woodford Bid will continue to update the platform and develop solutions that are aimed at providing the best experience and results for users.

If you would like to auction your car on the Woodford Bid platform, all you need to do visit and select the “Sell Your Vehicle” tab.

You can also contact Anton at Woodford Bid for further information:


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