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KZN Top Business Women 2022 initiative has exciting new sponsors

Updated: Oct 7, 2022


The KZN Top Business Women 2022 initiative has exciting new sponsors – DRG and

BusinessFit SA.

The new sponsors are the perfect fit. How nice is that?

DRG is a total solutions provider of professional and reliable human resource management

services to small, medium, and large customers.

BusinessFit SA is an enterprise development organisation whose aim in business is to

launch new and up and coming entrepreneurs into the world of business.

DRG and BusinessFit have incredible success stories in assisting local companies in

enterprise development and creating sustainable businesses.

That’s what they do.

The formula of “Success Breed Success”

The theme for 2022 is Women of Influence. KZN Top Business Women’s vision is that by

sharing stories of successful women other women will start believing that they have the

power to reach their own goals. We hope that they will also be inspired to follow their own

dreams and ambitions.

The participating women will be photographed, profiled through video, and featured in a print

article in a hard copy edition of the KZN Top Business Women Portfolio, and have an online

profile created.  They will also share aspects of their stories in three panel-based webinars,

which will be streamed remotely.

The gala dinner will be held on 17 November at the Coastlands Umhlanga Hotel and

Convention Centre. All the pre-event interviews and photoshoots will be shot on site at the Hotel. Coastlands Umhlanga Hotel have sponsored three special prizes for online viewers who join the webinars and hybrid event.

At the event, the achievements of some of the women will be recognised in several

categories. These are:

  • The courage to realise a dream

  • Exceeding customer expectations and delivering brilliant experiences

  • Operating effectively and productively

  • Fostering a culture of empowerment and diversity

  • Making a difference in the business and community

  • Being a woman extraordinaire

Due to the nature of the event, there are limited number of spaces available. This initiative

will provide participants with an incredible business and personal marketing opportunity.

For more information or to nominate a ‘woman of influence’ contact

Grant Adlam with David White and Nikita Pillay from BusinessFit SA finalising the historic partnership


KZN Top Business Women - Showcasing the Achievements of Women in (highlights )



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