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MANUFACTURING SECTOR: The winner is Tropic Plastics and Packaging Industry

This award is given to business activities involved in the physical or chemical transformation of materials or compounds into new products.

The finalists are:

  • Bell Equipment

  • MicroFinish

  • Tropic Plastics and Packaging Industry

  • Champion Health Care

Bell Equipment

For almost seven decades Bell, southern Africa’s largest heavy equipment manufacturer and distributor, has been making a positive impact on the KZN economy. The company’s strength lies in its passion for innovation and a focus on providing reliable solutions.

Tropic Plastics and Packaging Industry

Founded in 1963, Tropic Plastics and Packaging Industry is deeply rooted in Durban. Through great leadership, and improved technology, the company has become one of the leading blown film manufacturers in South Africa.


Microfinish, a Pinetown based company, is a precision manufacturer of critical engine components, predominantly the engine valve guide and valve seat related to efficiency of the engine. 98% of production is exported to Europe, United Kingdom and the USA.

Champion Health Care

Champion Health Care, based in Durban, is a trailblazer in the field of medical manufacturing, dedicated to producing cutting-edge medical devices that improve patient outcomes. The company products include but are not limited to medical gausses, swabs and bandages.


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