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Marlene Powell - Business is simple stop complicating it!

Imagine having the power of simplicity.

Acting less on default and more on intention.

Shifting from being reactive to becoming proactive.

Develop these three disciplines in your day-to-day activities:

· BEing able to bounce back quickly to get ahead through resilience

· BEing able to say NO without guilt – wealthy people say NO more to more things

· BEing Disciplined – do what you set out to do without distraction

Your business is purely a vehicle to serve you so you get the life you want and your business must support that. Your business is there to fund the life you want by way of making you money and giving you time.

Your role, as the business owner, is to put the mechanics into the business on how to get there. Then the business must run through systems and a team to enable your business to continue to run whether you are there or not.

So what do YOU want from life?

Your business can only create what you want from life if you are clear on what you truly want. Follow these simple, but not easy, steps to have the life you want to make your next year your best year:

1. Fund the Life You Want in 90 Days

a. Vision – Where are you going

b. Mission – Your roadmap to your vision

c. Why – Is it really that important to achieve?

d. Goals – What and Why

2. Goals (How)

a. Create a five-year goal

b. Create a plan

c. Create actionable items

d. Accountability (daily/weekly)

3. Test and Measure

a. Accounting numbers and sales

b. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and key focus areas

c. CashFLOW

d. Productivity, effectiveness and efficiency

4. Check Your Financials

a. Profits

b. Clients/Customers

c. Conversion Rates

d. Budget

5. Mindset – The Identity Iceberg

a. Skills

b. Beliefs

c. Values

d. Identity

6. Look in the Mirror – I am ... affirmations (can you see it and feel it?)

a. Idealise

b. Visualise

c. Verbalise

d. Materialise

7. Your business is a vehicle ONLY

a. Get a life!

b. Work on the business not in the business

c. Wealth Mindset – use your business to create wealth

d. Empower others – impact the economy and transform your community

8. Your Dashboard – re-collaborate

a. How to tell if you’re in alignment with your:

b. Vision

c. Goal

d. Financials

e. Time

9. Strategy

a. BusinessPLAN

b. BudgetPLAN

c. MarketingPLAN

d. SalesPLAN

10. Personal Development

a. Community

b. Accountability

c. Results

d. Education

11. Creating Alignment of Head and Heart (Wheel of Life)

a. Personal

b. Business

c. Health

d. Wealth

12. Celebrating Wins along the way – Giving yourself permission to have quality of life

a. Quality time with family and friends

b. Personal indulgences

c. Ticking off your BucketLIST

d. Spoiling others/giving back

13. Achieve The Life You Want

a. Freedom of choice

b. Freedom of health

c. Freedom of wealth

d. Freedom of happiness

Marlene Powell - Business is simple stop complicating it!

If you are ready to simplify your business so you can have quality of life then complete the Next Level Assessment (Business Health Check) to see how you fair right now in your business.

Scan the QR code below I will also be doing a podcast series on this subject over 13 weeks, weekly from Wednesday 25 January from 3pm to 4 pm.

Contact me on or call 083 479 4471.


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