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RR Foundation celebrating a legacy

The late Rajen Reddy, CEO and founder of the RR Group, who sadly passed away on the 18 February 2021, created a profound legacy for both the current generation and those generations that follow.

Rajen’s life of excellence is well worthy of celebration. Apart from his drive to make the world a better place, he was an avid entrepreneur, and a visionary business leader. From small beginnings – he started his working life as a plumber – his obvious passion for his businesses was apparent in his tenacity to succeed against all odds.

Most importantly, Rajen was a loving husband, father, grandfather, and a supportive friend too many. He touched the lives of his family, friends, employees, clients, and the many other people with whom he interacted in countless meaningful ways.

Esay Reddy, Rajen’s wife for close to 40 years, reflected, “We lost a wonderful man; I lost my soul mate, my children – Kerushin, Venisha and Kreeshan – lost their father. Our businesses and our 300 employees lost their leader. The many initiatives that he was involved in lost an enthusiastic supporter. After Rajen passed, I found that for us to honour him as a person. I wanted to create a legacy – I wanted something to grow from this great loss that we all experienced.”

Consequently, the Rajen Reddy Foundation (RR Foundation) was created in his memory and launched on the 18 February 2022, the first anniversary of his passing. The RR Foundation’s overriding goal, said Esay, is to be an embodiment of everything that Rajen stood for, fought for and passionately lived for.

Rajen was a great philanthropist who was passionate about growing young entrepreneurs, about providing access to education and about promoting physical and mental health. These aspirations drive the RR Foundation’s path, which as its motto states, aims to ‘educate, inspire and motivate’.

Rajen Reddy


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