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UKZN College of Health Sciences’ Registrars’ Orientation

The College of Health Sciences (CHS) held a successful Registrars’ Orientation sponsored by PPS to the value of R10 000, facilitated through the UKZN Foundation. AVIS also provided a one-year sponsorship of the Opel Grandland vehicle to be used by the School of Clinical Medicine.

Photographer: Sethu Dlamini. Highlights from the Registrars’ Orientation

AVIS representative Ms Hlobisile Ngubeni said, ‘We are proud to have been part of the Specialists Registrar Orientation at UKZN. Our sponsorship vehicle is a testament to our commitment to education and growth. We are delighted to support the academic journey of doctors and wish them success in their studies. We look forward to an impactful collaboration with UKZN and wish all the students a rewarding and inspiring journey ahead.’


The 2024 UKZN registrar intake comprised 82 registrars from the School of Clinical Medicine.


The main aim of the event was to familiarise registrars with University rules and requirements for the Master of Medicine (MMED). They were also introduced to the postgraduate team and their “classmates” from other Schools and Disciplines and were made aware of the importance of personal wellness and self-care on their academic journey.


Professor Ncoza Dlova of the School of Clinical Medicine said, ‘Most of you have game changing abilities and chose to follow your ambitions and dreams of becoming specialists. I have no doubt that you will all become experts in your chosen fields. We will remain accessible to support you and create a conducive environment in which you can flourish.’


UKZN administrative and research requirements, student support services, and library services such as endnote training, developing a learning plan and tips to survive were also discussed.



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