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World Chambers Congress

The Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry NPC has recently attended the World Chambers Congress in Switzerland, Geneva. The Durban Chamber was in partnership with eThekwini Municipality Economic Development Department and the Durban ICC.

Held every two years, World Chambers Congress is an inclusive event that brings together people from around the world, to address common challenges that shape both chamber and business activities. The 13th World Chambers Congress represented local business communities in more than 170 nations.

At the congress, the International Chamber of Commerce’s World Chambers Federation (WCF) and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIG) unveiled the “Geneva Manifesto” which is a pledge by chambers of commerce to revitalise international trade with a renewed commitment to multilateralism for peace and prosperity.

In the declaration, chambers committed to redoubling their efforts towards making a difference in the real economy and building a modern system that serves as a driving force for economic inclusion, global cooperation, and sustainable development.

Leveraging Geneva’s historical position as a seat of multilateralism and the global capital of peace, chambers leaders called on all governments to renew their commitment to rules-based trade, effective international cooperation and respect for international law.

“Cooperation is key to overcoming the world’s major challenges, and at ICC, we understand that we must all work together as a united business community to address them. By collaborating and speaking with one voice, we can boost the global economy and foster economic inclusivity, international collaboration, and advance sustainability,” said Maria Fernanda Garza, ICC Chair.


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