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Mano Singh – Standard Bank

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Mano Singh has studied almost continually her whole life while climbing the corporate ladder.

Her father was a big influence on her life who taught her that education was vital. “I learned that if I were to grow and succeed, formal education was key to validating me as a person, while also keeping my mind focused on the future. Education gave me the confidence that I could take on new challenges as they arose and allowed me to walk away from any situation that questioned my self-worth.” Her father also taught her the value of humility and respect for all, and that when it came to integrity there was no room for compromise.

“My mother was bold, audacious and confident and she made sure I learned that I should never give up, no matter the circumstances.”

Mano believes that women should invest in their own networks in order to establish a strong support system that helps facilitate and maximise success.

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