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NEW categories for Standard Bank KZN Top Business Awards 2021

The new Standard Bank KZN Top Business Awards categories continue to spark excitement and many nominations and entries are flooding our emails.

The new categories are:

· Business Innovation

· Entrepreneur Resilience

· Digital/System Implementation

· Employee Wellbeing

· Small Business Start-up

· Community and Social Responsibility

· Family Business

The coveted KZN Business Personality of the Year and the highly contested KZN Top Brand are still available.

To qualify to enter companies need to contribute to the KZN economy and have a proactive business model that adheres to the principles of King IV. You must aspire to achieve four governance outcomes:

• Ethical culture

• Good performance and value creation

• Adequate and effective control

• Trust, good reputation, legitimacy

Companies must then provide evidence as to why they should win the award in the category selected. In particular how Covid -19 shaped your company is of relevance.

For more information on entering visit

If you have any questions about the awards, entry process or event, please email or telephone 031 2671977.

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