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Category: Community and Social responsibility

Celebrate Life launched itself into women empowerment and upliftment in 2017 after supporting Hospice and anti rhino poaching. The Ubuntu Micro Bakery project was born and has continued to go from strength to strength with support for the transparent, sustainable project coming from the corporate sector and private sectors.

The wood fired ovens bake eight loaves of bread an hour and Celebrate Life have placed in excess of 180 micro bakeries nationally. This in turn relates to 180,000 loaves of bread being produced (amongst other products like muffins, snowballs, pizzas and cinnamon buns).

This equates to 2,340000 sandwiches for children, schools and orphans per month. Bakers are assessed to ensure they have the right tools to run their own businesses and have a market to sell to, they go through intensive training on all aspects of baking, financial management and log keeping and they are mentored by Celebrate Life for at least a year to ensure productivity and business management.

Providing South Africans with opportunities for empowerment is critical in order to create a sustainable future for our country. Building on Celebrate Life’s first thirteen years of existence, the organisation recognises the critical role that skills development and community support can play in alleviating socio-economic road blocks and addressing the poverty cycle.


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