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Get ahead, find innovative solutions

The winter solstice has past and we can again look forward to longer hours of sunshine (and shorter nights). In addition, this point on the solar calendar provides a good opportunity to set some intentions for the next half of the year. Many of the articles in this edition of Business Sense should provide some motivation to make some changes.

On the front cover is Innovate Durban CEO, Aurelia Albert. By supporting and nurturing local talent, Albert aims to position Durban and the KZN region as leaders of innovation in South Africa. Page 3

In addition, says Liesel Kassier of TWIMS, to remain operational and resilient, businesses must find innovative solutions to ride out the loadshedding storm. Page 9.

The KwaZulu-Natal Industrial Technology Exhibition (KITE), being held at the Durban Exhibition Centre between 18 and 20 July 2023, is an interactive hub for attendees to increase their knowledge and understanding of current industrial technology trends and legislation. Page 6.

The importance of building a brand is unpacked by Aurik CEO, Pavlo Phitidis, who asks, “What is brand? Have you built your business into one, why does it matter, how do you do it?” Page 4.

For those business owners, who among other needs, want to increase their brand’s visibility, Marlene Powell provides a solution for business owner through the C.A.R.E. ecosystem. Page 5.

Jacquie Bhana will assist in helping her clients to confidently move forward, unencumbered by any feeling of being fake. Page 8.

One of the highlights of the annual Standard Bank KZN Top Business Awards is the public competition to see who will win the much-desired accolade of being the top brand in the province. Page 7.

The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry, led by Nutun, specialists in digital business services, has stepped forward as the shining star of realising the potential for South Africa’s unemployed. Page 10.

Formulate a policy in the workplace governing sick leave for employees and give guidance to employees on what activities are acceptable, explains Johan van Deventer. Page 4.

What better way to honour Youth Day than to inspire South Africans with moving accounts of today’s brave youngsters. Page 12.

And world over, the term sustainability has become a buzzword, an ideal to focus on, and a positive step forward for business, our economy, and the greater good of mankind. Page 16.

So get moving and we look forward to hearing of your successes.


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